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CST650 Trackball


Products Features:

The miniature case of the CST650 allows the user to hold the trackball in the palm of the hand minimizing fatigue. The CST650 also has rubberized feet allowing it to be used on the desktop like a regular trackball. It is Designed to easily accommodate both right and left hand users as well as different size hands.

Using built-in dynamic motion enhancement, this miniature trackball is engineered to give single-pixel control while still having the ability to move to the other side of the screen with a flick of the finger. Roll the ball faster and see the cursor speed across the screen, move the ball slowly and you get single pixel accuracy.

This three button trackball requires no special drivers or software. The Middle button acts as a Drag-Lock and Scroll-Lock combination just like our most popular models.

With the CST650 you can work precisely and comfortably for hours at a time. The Drag-Lock feature makes this product more comfortable by eliminating the need to hold down an button to highlight or select items. Simply hit the Drag Lock Middle Button and the button stays “locked” until hit a second time. Relax and cruise the Internet with this small, unique pointing device.

Product Dimension:

* Width: 2" (50mm)

* Length: 2.75" (71mm)

* Height: 1.20" (30mm)

* Height w/ Ball 1.20" (30mm)

* Ball Size: .75" (19mm)

* Hub Material: Brass Alloy

* Shaft Material: V-Groove Brass Alloy

* Bearing Type: Bushing

* Construction: High Impact ABS


USB with a USB to PS/2 Adapter

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98SE and ME, most versions of Linux, MAC OS9 and later and any other USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible operating system such as Sun Solaristm.