Step 1:

Remove the three screws for the underside of the trackball with the phillips screw driver.

Step 2:

Apply alcohol to the Q-tip, then scrub the rollers until they are clean of debris.

Step 3:

If it is needed, remove the hubs by simply pulling up on them. Check the chopper wheel and photosensor then reinstall the hubs.

Press down on the bearings to make sure they are completely seated. Note the long part of the bearing goes downward.

Step 4:

Place cable tabs in the slots in the case. Make sure that the cable and ball is in place before covering with the top. Replace the three screw making sure NOT to over tighten.

MicroTrac cleaning:

To clean or replace the ball of a MicroTrac, simply rotate the ring clockwise around the ball to remove. If needed blow or use a small amount of alcohol to clean the ball and the insides. Rotate the ring left after placing the ball inside to reseal the MircoTrac.

Required materials:
1. Phillips Screw Driver
2. Q-Tips
3. Denatured alcohol

Mechanical Optical Trackball Cleaning

Align the bearing with the long tip down.

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